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Alternative financing

Tailored financial advice for companies

We help people

FINAMIDA, experts in financial advice

At FINAMIDA we offer a variety of tailored financing solutions to help you achieve your business goals. We will offer you the support and guidance you need to make decisions  strategies of your business, whatever your professional sector. We base our service on 3 basic axes. 



Project financing


Diversification of financial providers


Debt restructuring

Finamida expertos asesoramiento financiero
Financiación alternativa para empresas

About Finamida

Naira Cosialls I have worked for the last 25 years in the financial sector assuming various strategic management positions. I have extensive experience in banking and finance and currently lead Finamida. For me it is a project that allows me to value my knowledge as an independent Senior advisor at the service of clients. Currently, I have the honor of being a member of BEKA CREDIT where I collaborate as a mediator. I define myself as a person who promotes clients' projects as if they were my own, to achieve the viability of each one of them.

Humanity, listening, honesty and clarity are essential to creating solid, long-term relationships of trust with my clients.

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Naira Cosialls CEO Finamida


Help companies and people get the best financing option with the best economic conditions, in order to help them progress and contribute to the improvement of society. That is why we give advice to our clients based on knowledge of the banking and alternative financial system, obtaining the best solution for each investment.


Achieve a paradigm shift by achieving optimal financial conditions that allow companies and people to achieve their projects and professional challenges.







At Finamida we like to work through a relationship of trust based on listening, humanity, honesty and clarity in the relationships we establish with our clients.

Financial partners

At Finamida we have reached alliances with more than 15 alternative financing partners, which allow us to offer tailored financial solutions for companies of any size and sector.

Our financing services for companies

We offer a variety of tailored financing options for businesses of all sizes. We have solutions in both banking and alternative financial products, to accompany companies in their growth.


We focus on project financing, search, debt restructuring and optimization of financial structures.


At Finamida, we will help you find the financial solution that best suits the needs of your business.

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