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Tailor-made financing

Financial solutions for
your company

At Finamida we are specialists in providing financing advice to companies. We offer tailored solutions to help you structure your business debt or finance your projects. We will help you find the most appropriate financial solution for your company.​

Tailor-made financing

We offer a study of the company's financial structure that allows us to cover the financing needs of any type of company, regardless of its size, industry and corporate objectives. sector. Finamida offers customized solutions to help companies achieve their goals and overcome their financial challenges.​

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Debt restructuring

We study and manage debt restructuring operations, offering alternatives through our financing partners.

Our advice includes personalized analysis of the optimization of the corporate debt structure, with the aim of achieving financial stability for companies.​

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Search for financing

If you have a project in mind but do not have the necessary financial resources to carry it out, at Finamida we can help you. We have a wide network of investors and financiers willing to invest in projects with potential.​

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Financing of working capital

We put at your disposal various formulas to finance you when you need it. Deal with the advance payment of invoices, the payment of payroll or merchandise and raw materials. Obtain liquidity through our banking and alternative financing solutions.​


Photovoltaic financing

At Finamida we offer you financing alternatives to take the step towards energy self-consumption for your company. Make your company more competitive and sustainable thanks to solar energy. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from carrying out a personalized preliminary study to the presentation of all legal documents.​

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At Finamida we provide financing solutions for leasing high-quality assets.

We adapt to the financing needs of each company, according to sector and distribution channels.


Expand, renew or modify assets at any time in the following sectors: Agricultural and industrial machinery, renewable energies and vehicles. We promise to give you a response within 48-72 hours.​

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